The 1-st Lightning

The First Lightning

This page is about Russian Independent Journalists, who in the dark gangster Putin’s regime are not afraid to call things by their proper names. The world should know that not all Russian fascists or communists and not all have accepted the fate of the slaves of the former political officer of the USSR — the KGB. The Russians are fighting the disgusting usurper of power by Putin and his regime.

Most of these people can not stay in Russia today. Putin’s regime killed people without any problems. Help them to do their job and click on the “Like” button, please. Thay fighting not for Russian only, but for all of us, for all people on our Planet!

Sometimes I no agree with some of them in small sings, but we ALL must do something against Putin, against the war against death and for life on Earth.

Sasha Sotnik

Sotnik TV (Channel)

A real journalist will never be a paid KGB agent. Putin’s regime threatened the whole family of Sasha to emigrate to Lithuania. But even there the journalist does not sit idly by, but fights against Putin’s inhuman regime, Putin’s theft, and banditry.

Sotnik-TV is an independent social and political channel for free people

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Sotnik TV Life (Channel)

Alexandr Balu

Very cool blogger. He naturally talks about really scary stories happening in Russia. In Russia, for such reporting people are thrown into prisons and concentration camps, hired thugs are killed without trial. Putin’s regime killed people fighting with even abroad. The regime of Putin extremely dangerous for all our World, for our life. Blogger must have mighty courage to simply and responsively explain to people all the disgusting of Putin’s gangster regime.

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Edition of anti-Putin, anti-fascist partisan and underground RUSSIAN NETWORK RESISTANCE

Форум свободной России

V. Maltsev and his “Democracy”

This prominent politician was forced to leave for France. He stands on a more radical stance towards gangster power in Russia and advocates a peaceful revolution and regime change in favor of democracy. He was a senator, and became, by the will of the usurper of power, an émigré.

Establishment of direct democracy in Russia.
Daily news, opinions, live analytics, opposition, democracy. Lives from the places of events, from rallies and opposition rallies. Broadcasting without days off.

‘Bad News’ – Vyacheslav Maltsev
‘Beletsky Live’ – Ivan Beletsky

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Satirical weekly magazine ‘Reserve’

This magazine is not completely independent. It is created on the basis of Deutsche Welle. But it is interesting and ridicules politicians.

Leading political consultants Wolf and Hare are busy discussing the news of current politics! Weekly, they smash the political elite from Putin to Trump, from Erdogan to Merkel. Open up all the scandals, high-profile events, intrigue. The policy is available and without embellishment – in the satirical show DW ‘Reserve’. Watch for free, 16+ Comes out on Sundays at 18 o’clock Eastern European time (19:00 Moscow time). Do not miss – subscribe to our channel! Rules of communication in our community: * * *

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It is not a secret to anyone that modern Russia is on the verge of great changes. Putin’s regime did the impossible. He fierce repression suppressed all possible opposition movements within the country and thereby deprived himself of adequate feedback from the enslaved people of Russia. Putin’s foreign policy based on nuclear blackmail and local wars with neighbors isolated the regime with all the adequate political systems of the whole World. There are a lot of dissatisfied people among Russians, but, as always and everywhere, not everyone makes their way into the front ranks, and this is normal, although, in my opinion, my graduation of political bloggers and journalists is not correct and, rather, a tribute to my subjective attitude. It is up to you who is ahead and who is behind your likes and dislikes. 😆 


An independent blogger whose political platform is not entirely clear. Just a very unhappy and rather caustically mocking Putin blogger. There are very many in Russia. It is not clear what they want, but not repentance and normal life.

Funny and not so stories from the video blogger Dima kamikadzedead

Проверяйте подписку на мой канал! YouTube снимает Ваши лайки на прошлых видео и не отображает реальные просмотры. Оставляйте 4-5 комментариев, выводим видео в топ! Защитить свой аккаунт Помощь рублём PayPal – ivanov.kamikadzedead@yandex.ruМой инстаграм Реклама, сотрудничество Русские заслужили власть Путина? Новости и полные версии материалов из выпуска Новости в паблике Сатира без Позитива Новости в телеграме Худший блогер на YouTube Новости в твиттере Ещё веришь властям России в 2018? Это видео для тебя Обращение к сторонникам ВВП в 2-х частях Видео, отвечающие на вопросы “А ЧТО ТЫ ПРЕДЛАГАЕШЬ?” 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Паблик Сатира без Позитива в ОК Я в Ватноклассниках – Я в контакте – Паблик Эксперты Знатоки Летсплеи – Мой Twitter – Я на ФБ Лайв канал

Alexey Navalny

The vigorous politician of the so-called legal opposition. His whole role comes down to the search and caustic satire of corrupt government officials. Declared his goal of becoming president. While Putin is alive, President Navalny will not. When Putin’s will die, Navalny will not become the president because power itself will collapse. This politician simply turns off a certain part of those who are dissatisfied with the policy of Putin’s government from the real struggle against the government itself and gets good money for living and rest.

Sorry, but I am against this politic and I will not help him to collect money due to he is, by my opinion, is Putin avatar #2

Real journalism

What is “Real Journalism”? This is an information and analytical project,
the task of which is to cover domestic problems.


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This channel belongs to Alexey Navalny. It is half government approved. I no recommend paying money for Alexey Navalny. But this is my opinion only. 

? Subscribe to the Sharp Angle channel ? This video shows the path of one person, called the Gray Cardinal of Putin’s Russia. His story is ambiguous, full of ups and downs, and on his way, he will meet many curious characters … Some of them are now occupying very high positions.


This channel is satiric… but some times you want to cry.

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You can imagine that riot policemen thought that they were special, that their arbitrariness of the authorities and lawlessness would not affect, because they are regime dogs, and when they were evicted on the street, where they write an appeal to the president to figure it out. Therefore, let’s talk about karma.

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Mikhail Elizarov is one of the best Russian chansons.

Continuation will be HERE