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I will collect all my sites and accounts in social networks here on this page. Some sites with the beginning of life on the Internet live while others are gradually dying. Their life depends not on me, but on you, on the readers. If the site you like it begins to live if you do not like it ceases to exist. Regardless of how long the site lives, it requires my work, and my time and money. I am far from being a rich person, so you can feel free to leave something to support sites if you like them. Without your support, they will soon disappear. Thank you for your attention and your understanding. Every day on my sites you can find something new Welcome on my sites and be my friends.


This is the first site of the main work in my life. It is dedicated to cleaning the oceans of the Earth from debris (plastic pollution). Through this site, I hope to collect initial money for the industrial processing of plastic debris anywhere in the world’s oceans. I have vast experience in the sea. I know what we need for this job, what kind of vessels, what equipment, including the one that has not yet been produced by anyone, but really this is not so expensive. If Gods help me, I can organize not amateur garbage collection but industrial and giving huge profits to those who will help me. All other sites are just a sample of In the future, they will simply help us in the industrial cleaning of the oceans from ANY garbage. Join my work and you will not regret any effort or time. Support us financially. Do your best job, gentlemen, for the future of planet Earth, help us get started.


Global MP Crew Management

Our private site ( old name “Olympia Crew management Ltd.”) is independently owned by “” (sea Life Defend)– we are not affiliated to any other company or organization. We were founded like a small private crewing agency in the area of the Baltic sea in 1993 in Kenigsberg with the name “TS Marine Ltd.”. Today we located in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).

Our online “Global Marine Placement Ltd.” this is crewing or recruitment (marine employment, marine personnel) company provide Web crewing services to marine personnel ashore or afloat, graduates with a relevant degree and people considering a career at sea.

We carry out quality control in all aspects of recruitment, so all of our candidates must go through a full selection process to confirm their qualifications, experience, and skills before they are presented to the client. Only the best candidates are carefully selected with open vacancies. Global MP will help you with all staff related issues.

“Cozy House”

This site about your sweet home. You can find all about Home & Garden here. You can find hundreds of free advising about the renovation, housekeeping, your garden plants. I write here how to build or buy your home. How to invest in real estate property, how to study and to be a real estate agent. I invite ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS, HOMEOWNERS ALL OVER THE WORLD TO PLACE YOUR ADs here absolutely free. All this and some stories and tips you can find on the pages of this site. How to buy pets for your home you can read here too. Welcome to YOUR cozy home! Click HERE or at any image on the section.


The site about GOLD. History of the gold, news, gold rushes, gold prices, found and not found treasures, coins, and bullion, worldwide mints. Some interesting stories and even small gold shop all you can find here. Click HERE or on the images.


This small site about Gold Urban Culture Collection. Very often you can meet on the street of our towns some people with a lot of tattoo and Cuban Golds Chain around the neck. This site about this gold chain, rings and all about this made from the TOP firm of the world. Click here or on the image.



This site can help you with your any trip. You can go on vacation or going on a business trip and this site to help you, I believe in it. Welcome on this site for freedom people and you find a wide our world. I invite ALL TRAVEL AGENTS, HOTEL OWNERS, TICKETS BOOKING AGENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD TO PLACE YOUR ADs on this site absolutely free.

“Alex Ant”

My old private site about me and my book on the Russian language but you will see it on your language this site is smart and always will show you all content on your browser language. 😆

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To be continued.