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Integrated Waste Recycling

On this page, I will try to explain to you what kind of plastic processing and carbon-containing waste we offer. This is due to the fact that many do not understand this and consider it impossible.

So, this is complex, which consists of several parts.

The last part it is usual miniature refinery. There are a lot of them around the world. This including all plants refining oil semi-handicraft methods, the same principle of cleaning, sublimation, and separation (clarification) is used in any small enterprise to receive palm oil, coconut oil, and other vegetable oils and their clarification and purification from impurities and odor. In short, this is a completely ordinary production with one small nuance only.

After the distillation of oil into fuel, the gaseous fraction remains, which, as a rule, is simply burned. Have you ever seen an oil refinery and a flame above it? This is the residual gas ‘unnecessary’ that burns above the plant and poisons the air with combustion products since in the flare it is simply impossible to achieve complete combustion of gas and the absence of gas mixture interaction with atmospheric gases.

This is normal since, with the presence of entire large power plants, these refineries are simply not interested in this remaining. We are on the ship and it is luxury to throw energy into the air or overboard.

In our complex, this gas is used to create the required temperature in a distillation column, where, actually heated oil in a gaseous state, condenses in certain parts of the column and decomposes into various types of fuel, such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, and so on. As a result, this most ‘unnecessary’ gas is also being poured as a residue. This is the final by-product of production, which in our scheme produces the heat required for the process and can provide fuel for the ship’s electrical generators and the installation complex system.

Summarizing all the above, this part of the installation is known to mankind since the invention of alcoholic beverages such as vodka. These are centuries of our history and there is nothing exceptional about it.

We move from the end of the process to the beginning of the process, namely, to the part of it from where we will have oil and its pairs.

We will get it from the process of pyrolysis. During this process, any carbon-containing waste (plastic, wood, food remaining, all except stones, glass, and metal) will become an oil and gas.

How it works you can look at the video below.

The Process of Pyrolysis (Plastic To Fuel)

You have looked at the complexes for processing various types of garbage and understand now that I am not inventing anything and everything has been completely and everywhere applied for a long time.

Only … Very cumbersome, very fire and explosive, very difficult to load and gives the minimum amount of fuel. And this is what you want to install on a swinging small ship?

And I will answer you and yes and no.

Everything is not as scary as it was shown here. This is exactly what I call the ‘first in the world.’

Our installation will be as much more elegant in engineering terms as a deer is more elegant in appearance than an elephant or a hippo.

Not only this, everything will be practically automated and will cost many times less than all these very outdated structures. Productivity will be many times greater and there will be no toxic gas emissions when the reactor is loaded.

Help us start working with us and we will turn this world over for the better. We will make it the first in the world. After us, these installations will be done in every garage without much difficulty and cost and the world will be cleaner.

Why we do not show the installation diagram? Because it is too simple but we want to bring it to perfection and give you and yourself a decent profit.

Are we competing with oil-pumping and refining companies, recycling companies? Not. An ant cannot compete with an elephant. Not only this, we invite any of the most huge companies spending many billions on worthless whole institutions to help us. Help us with millions of times less money than they throw to the wind. Help us and make money on our development. Then they will be able to produce and operate such complexes themselves.

What do you lose, gentlemen? The cost of a decent car and no more. Insurance will cover your losses if we prove to be unscrupulous partners. Only this will not happen.

In addition to this part of the complex, we still have TWO more developments unparalleled in the world. Help us and you will not regret. We are ready to cooperate with any company, any political party with any state.

Our goal is clear, simple and clear to anyone. Our goal is to clean the Oceans and the Earth from debris and harmful substances emitted by this debris. We are for a clean life without dirt and nothing more. We are an absolutely non-political private international commercial corporation open to anyone on our beloved planet.

1. The structure of our company

Before we tell you about the structure of the original donations, we need to explain to you the structure of our corporation.

Any work at sea is associated with certain risks. Despite the numerous prescriptions and rules inherent in the experience of good marine practice, the insuperable forces of nature and the construction of ships sometimes appear and act on the ship. Sometimes they lead to tragic consequences due to common human errors, the so-called human factor.

Their number is much less than, say, on roads with slow traffic, but because of the large number of passengers, for example, those who are not trained in survival at sea, and the incompetence of the crew, they sometimes lead to a lot of victims. We took a very bad result now.

But suppose wintertime is in the North Atlantic. This time of year replete with storms, fogs, snowfalls, and other not very pleasant things. Sometimes ships simply cannot perform certain jobs for a long time.

Another option is the preventive maintenance of ships. In order for any work at sea to be carried out without risk, vessels must undergo repairs at different intervals.

Even people sometimes get sick, and on ships, various mechanisms break down completely unplanned, and there is no getting away from it.

All this leads to downtime and, to some extent, the risk of working at sea.

Ship crews and passengers should periodically change, as they simply get tired of being in the open sea, and this is also non-working time.

All these and many other factors make it difficult to work on the open seas and, as a result, reduce the company’s profits.

Sometimes vessels need the help of experts or other vessels.

Therefore, only a company with three vessels can work more or less stable. One works, the second is in scheduled repair, and the third has suddenly failed. But one vessel always works, and the company is more or less able to work stably.

It is desirable that all three work in approximately in one region so that they can help each other in a timely manner.

We hope that the ideas are completely clear.

But the purchase of three ships at once sometimes turns out to be an unenviable burden. All the same, it increases the price three times. Consequently, this is simply the surest way to go bankrupt for very large ships without adequate initial capital. But small vessels cannot generate income, as large vessels, especially at the initial stage, and this is also understandable.

Now for convenience, let’s call one ship a “lot”, and a group of three ships a “cluster”.

In a cluster, there should be two small lots and one big one. Two small ones will not only supply a big one with products, water, change of crew and passengers, but also collect floating plastic from the ocean surface, do many other very necessary and profitable things. For small two lots, the big one will serve as a base, while small two for the big one will be auxiliary.

Each lot will be a separate Company, and the cluster will be a mini-Corporation. Take a word that this is a must be. Not only this, most likely each lot-Company will be registered under a separate flag, and the Corporation is also under a different jurisdiction. This is the only way to achieve the maximum survivability of the cluster. Corporations – clusters will be combined into super Clusters on the principle of three, and so on. But this is already a very distant result of our efforts with you, and as long as it will be an impossible dream.

2. The First Step.

So, we realized the structure of the entire enterprise for professional cleaning of plastic pollution from the seas.

Now we will talk about where to start. We have nothing but the desire and the will to accomplish our plans. We will not go into the smallest details, but we need basic principles.

It is necessary to begin work with a small lot.
It should be a vessel from 25 till 50 meters long with a minimum draft, all-weather and unlimited navigation area. The hull must be strong and steel with a foremost mast and medium powerful but reliable engine. With maximum reserves of water and fuel. The crew of three people and regular passengers 12, a maximum of 15 people. Day passengers can be up to 80 people or so. The front mast is necessary for emergency sailing in the event of engine failure, for this same purpose and for communication with the coast, besides life rafts and/or lifeboats, a powerful dingy boat capable of towing our first lot if it will be necessary. In addition to navigation equipment, a satellite phone will be needed at a minimum and Internet connection at a maximum. This is the most necessary configuration of our first lot. This is the main minimum necessary for a calm and safe voyage at open sea.

How much it all costs can be quickly found on the Internet. There are similar vessels and their price, taking into account intermediaries, ranges from $200,000 to $500,000.

Of course, such a vessel will need some repairs, payment of fees, purchase of fuel, food, minimally needed bedding, dishes, all up to toilet paper. So the cost simply needs to be increased by 1/3 or even half.

An accountant, a captain, a mechanic, a sailor, a company manager, bloggers, Internet specialists, photo and video filming, a crew uniform and at least branded T-shirts, souvenirs and other things will be needed. No one will work for us for free. More of this all will start to push us out.

And this is already very close to the price of a large lot – the base ship. If this happens, we will risk and buy a base first, but we can’t count on fairy tales.

Everything will be learning during work. It is necessary to rely on the price of about $500,000, and then it will be how it will come out. Now we only smoothly approach the essence of our proposal.

In addition, it can be said that a pilot plant for processing 2-4 tons of plastic per day can also be placed on such a vessel. If everything works as it should, it will remove the question of fuel, fresh water and electricity, which will speed up the purchase of the next lot and, of course, will increase payments to everyone involved in the project.

There is an installation for plastic processing and, in general, all wastes containing hydrocarbons (food residues, fecal water, oily water, old engine oil, plastic, wood, etc.), but it is unproductive in the form in which it is usually used is too bulky and sometimes releases toxic gases.

In the meantime, using the components of other installations and producing only one original part, which can be produced in any workshop, we will receive a completely safe and environmentally cleanest line for processing the above waste into motor fuel, fuel oil, and even excellent quality gasoline with the output of finished products from waste weight up to 90%.

Therefore, we will need one good mechanic, two welders, and one mechanic for up to one month. All together will cost about $200,000, including work. Let us estimate the unforeseen difficulties for the first installation of another $100,000 and obtain a planned figure of $300,000.

Collecting plastic along the coastline is not difficult. Garbage collection from the surface and from the depths of the ocean will also require costs, but much less than one can imagine. From a certain old fishing gear can make several devices for this purpose. All together will not make a large amount and we will not even take it into account in the preliminary plan. $2000-$5000 we will always find for this purpose.

The total of all the costs for a fully working vessel for our purpose will be about $800,000.

Is this a lot or a little? Much in monetary terms and immeasurably small, 10 times less than the usual costs of such operations. You can calculate the payback period yourself.

From 1 ton plastics and waste will come out with all the costs and expenses of 300 liters of gasoline, 300 liters of diesel fuel, 150 liters of fuel oil and this is without taking into account the excellent coke-coal and industrial carbon dioxide. The rest will be pure oxygen and chemically pure water.

We hope that all costs will pay off in 1-1,5 years. Only profit will go on.

The waste recycling plant is not only environmentally friendly but also self-supporting, it does not require additional electricity, fuel or other costs, except for scheduled inspections, painting and repairs, and that is very insignificant since it contains almost no moving parts.

Not only that, with its help, it is possible to produce electricity for the entire vessel and much more. Having such an installation on board a ship, we will solve the problem of supplying the ship with fuel, water, and electricity. And this is the most costly position in the operation of any vessel.

Even if the project earns only a third of the estimated it will be just an incredibly profitable project by itself.

We do not even consider the clean living environment of all life, do not consider possible studying the depths of the ocean, ichthyological, hydrographic research, filmmaking, outdoor activities of people and much more.

Difficulties are also not enough. For example, flooded nets of fishermen who will have to be raised by other devices. Or flooded car tires, glass, and iron. If tires can be completely recycled in this way, then glass and metal, stone and concrete are simply impossible.

We hope that you now understand almost all the benefits of the project. But you do not even need to wait for the time when the project starts its work. You can already get tangible benefits today. Here we will talk about this in the next part, in which our proposals to you and the terms of cooperation will be. And it will also be not quite ordinary sentences.

3. Our Proposal.

So, what is the essence of our proposals? The initial and all subsequent lots are divided into units. We divide the cost of the initial investment into units based on the cost of the lot itself.

We will divide the cost of $800,000 into 50 units and get the figure of $16,000.

No one likes working or giving money for free. Therefore, anyone who invests money or their work should receive something in return, we are no exception to the rule.

Therefore, 20% is the sum of our salaries, office payments, and other expenses. Another 20% is your salary. Therefore, we sell a unit for $22,400.

Of these $22,400, only $16,000 will accrue a percentage of the profit of the lot and of the cluster as a whole. This does not mean that you must immediately send us $19,200 to purchase a unit. But we don’t make sense to divide income for $1, we will not have such an opportunity in the foreseeable future and the costs of obtaining such an opportunity will exceed all wages and the money for the main goal – cleaning the sea will simply not remain. This will be a financial pyramid in its pure form and this is not our goal. Our immediate goal is the first lot working at sea.

Therefore, everyone who sends us $240 and more will receive our official receipt for receiving a donation and several papers where it will be said that he is our employee hired to collect donations for cleaning the sea from dirt and may involve other people in this work. For an amount of $160 or more, we will accrue interest on the profit of the lot. Not only this, all donations of $240 and more will be grouped into units. In any case, we will charge interest on each unit. If we are able to buy a lot of profitably and for a smaller amount, then units will be less than fifty. If we have to overpay, so they will be more. A lot ends and a ship goes to a commercial voyage, then another lot will start and another unit will be, but until the cluster starts to work steadily with profit, 20% for lots and 20% for you will remain to support the operation of lots, and you.

Unclear? Start over. The price of a unit of the first lot is $22400. Of these, only on $16,000 will be income distributed after work to start. Of these $6,400 (40%) – salaries and expenses along the way (advertising, travel, negotiations, your work, etc.), $3200 is for those who will work on all this. Another $3200 is the salary and compensation to those who collect money on the ground (you). On any donation of $240 or more, the income will be distributed after but only on the amount of $160. 20% will be charged and the other 20% will get people who will collect money (you).

How practically it will work?

Option 1: You send us any amount up to $240. You receive our E-mail with thanks and receipt of donation. You can send us a donation again and get a similar letter again. And it will be a really great deal. We will not forget your generosity, therefore we will save your information. Each E-mail will contain your individual number. If you will send the following donation indicate this number so that we summarise your amounts. All donations as they are received will be grouped in turns into groups of $240. As soon as $240 are recruited in your group, we will inform you then everything will be as described in Option 2. Only dividends will be divided into all participants depending on the amount. Since it will simply be impossible to send dividends to very small amounts, they will be added up under your number until the transfer becomes possible under the terms of Bitcoin or PayPal. Thus, each will receive their share of the profits and no one will be forgotten. You can also create groups yourself and send immediately on $240. In this case, dividends will go to the name of the one who will send the amount, and then you divide them yourself – this will be your concern or the one who sent them.

Option 2: You send us an amount equal to $240 or more. In addition to the letter of thanks, you will receive several more official papers. The first is that you donate to us. The second is that you are our freelancer and you can hire other people to work with you (this is in case you have several people before or you will attract someone to work or donate.). Not only this, you will have a nickname with us and your further transfers will be summed up and, in the future, their total amount of -20% will accrue dividends from the work of the lot. Well, and other incentives, which you will learn about in the future (a place in a team, a place to rest or a long stay on board the ship, and so on). Why from the first $240; will we take 40%? 20% it is the salary of all and payments for everything, the second 20% is the price for paper, the printing of words and letters, payment for sending the letter itself, possibly to the other end of the world. These are the very same $40. In the future, you can raise the funds yourself according to your rules (only without illegal actions, please). You will send us the frequency which set yourself taking into account our 20% by Bitcoins. For a sum of $240, this will already be a sum of $200 ($160+20%) for us and $40 for yourself.

Option 3: With all donations of more than $1000, it is best to contact us first via E-mail:

or through the form below. Give us your phone and our representative will contact you and discuss separately all the conditions of the transaction. If you type a unit, you will additionally receive the right to vote in this lot. The part of the ship for the amount of $16,000 will be yours and you will be able to resell it or receive further income and will participate in the development of plans for the operation of the lot-ship. Well, something like the shares. We will not issue shares ourselves. If we will have specialists in this business, we will entrust it to them. With all sumOur goal is clear and understandable – cleaning the seas and the Earth from dirt.

All this will be done without special programs and taken into account by man. We understand that this is somewhat old-fashioned, somewhat inconvenient, but clearly and without deception, and this is the most important thing.

Terms of payment and transfer money, private policy. Bitcoin suits us best. In addition, we can use the PayPal system, but all payments under this system lead to costs that we will not take into account. If you use this system, then all% PayPal just come to this respected company and do not touch us at all. We also recommend sending large amounts in Bitcoins. Yes, Bitcoin is volatile and its course changes quite often, we take these risks. If there are very large sums, then simply contact us by E-mail, we will make an agreement on the time of the negotiations, agree and give for you our bank account. In all other cases, we recommend Bitcoin. It sufficiently protects your personal information and also suits us as the only stable cryptocurrency. Our privacy policy is completely clear. We collect your information (Name, address) only to account for subsequent payments and forwarding documents. We do not transmit or verify your personal information for third parties. Give those names, addresses or mailboxes which are more convenient for you. This does not concern us, and we are not responsible for your actions or inaction, just as you are for ours unless we discuss the latter separately. Similarly, we do not store and will not store any commercial information about our sponsors on the open Internet, or open electronic devices, as well as the amount of their contributions or shares in our business, is our and your business secret.

These are our suggestions to the people of Earth. We just want to make the sea and the land cleaner. We do not collect money for the sake of money, we have very specific goals and very specific means of achieving them. We are not obliged to give anyone the information constituting our trade secrets without payment and without the appropriate approval of the copyright holders. We are not a government, but a private commercial corporation. We are not interested in the faith of our employees, their sexual preference, their political views, their gender, age, the color of skin or eyes, their nationality or language, their citizenship. We are not engaged in illegal activities and will not engage in it. The ban includes the sale and distribution of weapons, any drugs containing drugs, prostitution, trafficking in human beings or their organs, some information not directly related to our activities, any kind of deception, theft and fraud and other illegal actions morality. We are only interested in cleaning the sea and land from plastic and other dirt, our work interests us and nothing more. Specifically, today it is the purchase and supply of the first lot. Behind him will be the following lots and clusters, units and other tasks that we have to solve.

We will be grateful for the help of any government, party or a private company, we will place paid advertisements that do not go against the law and morality everywhere on the vessels and in our future films, online publications, and printed materials.

Relationship with commercial firms. We are not competitors. Not only this, create such structures yourself and for any help to us, we will adequately help you. Especially we are not competitors to fuel and manufacturing firms and corporations. Not only this, we will be happy to cooperate with you, this will remove from us a whole mountain of problems with the sale of finished products, which we don’t want to deal with, and for your help in our common business, we offer excellent prospects for receiving profits, getting a real place for the experienced development of new products. technology and we ask you for reasonable assistance and understanding.

We will also be useful to any crewing or shipping, fishing companies. We will gladly cooperate with you and always agree on any type of cooperation with any private or public company. Crewing can count on shares in our business and on jobs for many professionals, both marine and many other specialties, shipping companies are also interested in energy carriers, fishing companies are often idle for a long time and they could work with us, not trawls, but other tools, very similar design, but leaving alive the fish resources of the planet.

Ask your questions, make your suggestions and we will gladly take all the values from your advice.

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On behalf of all people and animals, on behalf of our blue planet, I express to you deep gratitude for your generous DONATION.

Today 2019-05-02 we are not alone. Our project gradually begins to live. Therefore, the type of site is constantly changing. We found a potential manufacturer to whom we will order 50% of our unmatched complex. The complex will process plastic and, in general, all carbon-containing garbage floating in the sea into excellent fuel in an absolutely safe, quiet and non-toxic way to the environment.

The idea is simple. We will put such a complex on board the ship and will be able to recycle any plastic in an intensive industrial way right at sea. The first such vessel in the world will be small on board the vessel we will work on setting up the complex and its servicing system.

This vessel will not need fuel, electricity, or wash water from the shore. All this and energy for its operation will be provided by the on-board complex for processing any plastic and floating garbage. The vessel itself will not pour any dirty water overboard. All waste, including feces, food debris, oily and waste materials and smoke from the engine we will process into fuel, technical carbon dioxide, and chemically pure water. The gas released into the atmosphere will be water vapor and ordinary oxygen.

From 1000 kilograms of simple plastic pollution we will have 700 kilograms of fuel (30 kilograms of diesel fuel, 25 kilograms of gasoline, and 15 kilograms of fuel oil); another 15 kilograms it will be pure industrial coke. This coke does not leave ashes when burned. This type of coke sometimes used to produce water filters. About 7% will be water. The rest will be gas, this gas we will use to create the necessary temperature for the operation of the entire installation. There are practically no moving parts in the installation and it will be very durable.

The cost of the already installed installation will be just ridiculous compared to analogs (ten times cheaper). The adjustment of the whole process will take a little time and the main part of the installation we will make by ourselves. Already an experienced unit should produce at least 1.5-2.0 tons of diesel fuel per day, not counting gasoline and other types of fuel. This amount will be quite enough for the life of the vessel and people on board. More of this, there will still be some fuel that we will sale. On the left photo, you can see what type of vessel we need to get started.

The dimensions of the pilot plant will be 3 meters X 6 meters X 2.5 meters. In the future, the size of the installations will grow, but their power will grow faster than the size, which will make it possible to attract small vessels to work and even work in rivers.

The installation itself will be mobile and it will be able easily transferred to any piece of land or trailer. Not only this, over time, it will allow processing of bituminous sands and land plots affected by oil spills.

Get involved in working with us, we offer you an excellent opportunity to clear the land and water with a very decent return on invested capital. How to do this you can find on the pages of this site. We are a worldwide commercial organization and will be happy to cooperate with any person and with any other organization on the planet on mutually beneficial terms. WELCOME, EVERYBODY! We have already taken the first step. Welcome to our site, we hope we will be friends!

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