About Me

My name is Alex Ant (Alexandre Vladimirovich Antioufeev).

I am CANADIAN, Russian nationality, Seaman, Master Mariner.

I was born in the family of the Russian Army officer on May 24, 1954, near Chita. It’s very fare in deep-deep Siberia behind Baikal lake. By the horoscope, I am the twin. I grew up and studied in Ufa (Ural Region of Russia), Riga (Latvia), Panevezys, Kedainiai (Lithuania), under Legnica (Poland). I studied again at the Kaliningrad Baltic Marine Academy.

Worked at the sea since 1972. I went on scientific ships in industrial fishery intelligence, on river-sea dry cargo ships, in tow, on dry cargo vessels-timber trucks under various flags in different countries, in all oceans, and in almost all seas. Not been to Australia, on all other continents, including Antarctica, was. I worked in my private crewing company too.

In Canada, I worked as a corrector of nautical charts made by English, Canadian, USA, Australian, New Zealand, Norwegian. Since the beginning of 2000, with the whole family in forced emigration.

I lived before Canada in the Canaries and in Argentina. Widower.

My first book is called ‘Baltic Regatta’. I even find it difficult to tell you the genre of the book. It is definitely not a novel in the full sense of the word, it is not exactly a parody of modern fiction. Rather, it is a fantastic epic with elements of banter. This is my first book and it is not a completely independent description of something but is a table of contents for my future books, which are in my head a lot and for everyone you need a hero, whom you will meet in this first book.

The book is also my vision of life from the position of an old person already.

I do not like the words communism, socialism, as well as capitalism in all their derivatives.

I just know that when a person starts to talk about them, tries to somehow advertise these things for you or scold them, he obviously wants to steal something from you. Most likely they want to steal your life. I do not like the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Hitler because they are not at all true. Their teachings about classes and class contradictions are not true in the essence of being, in the essence of life.

Today there is neither the proletariat nor the capitalists. There are hard-working people and there are loafers – nature does not give birth to others. In the conclusion about politics, I believe that there are only People, Animals and villains in the world. There are no other.

Unfortunately, people who consider themselves politicians are confused by the genres of my book. My book is a fantastic epic. It has nothing in common with politics, it is a figment of imagination and nothing more.

Therefore, I advise one politician and imaginary one to take a pill to calm the nerves and throw the book aside.

I am a completely apolitical person, not enough of this, all the policies for me are not my field of berries. You, gentlemen, have your own summary, and I have my wedding and parted on it.

What I do not like? I don’t like people being killed. I do not like it very much, and I am ready to kill anyone who does it with love, whatever his motive. I do not like traitors, I do not like politicians, and any – they are rascals. I do not like racism, rascals, freaks, scoundrels, and idlers. I don’t like a lot of things and I do not like to talk about bad things.

What do I like? I like the Sea. I have lived there for almost thirty-five years and miss him very much. I love adventure, life in all its manifestations. The rest is a hobby.

Hobby. Computers, literature, photos, and movies. I like to create something. I can and can do everything in the world, but, unfortunately, for today I only have enough to type on the keyboard. This is not a little in my condition, believe the word.

Dear readers of my books, without photographic documents, without video and other evidence, fantasy reality and reality fantasy are almost not noticeable. All this is collected separately and constantly updated for all books right on this site.

The proposed video plots, photos, and photos of archival documents are not illustrations of the book itself, they are only a very small part of the information on which the book was born. They are not included in the book and never enter it. They convey only the atmosphere in which the book was written, the motives for writing and nothing more.

Do not believe anything that you see here or read in the book. All information you must divide by at least 10.

The book does not simply include this information in any way; moreover, I simply refute it in many respects, as intentionally distorted by scoundrels and false. Everything is not as it seems to you, but in reality, everything is completely different than it actually is.

This site is not only about my books, but also about me and my hobbies. I hope that you, too, are interested in something from what I will offer you and we will be friends.