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The First Lightning

Russian Independent Journalists, who in the dark gangster Putin's regime are not afraid to call things by their proper names. The world should know that not all Russian fascists or communists and not all have accepted the fate of the slaves of the Putins regime.

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All My Sites Here

Here I will show you near the all of my sites I prepare not for me only, but for you too. Now I have sites about Gold, about Your Sweet Home, about Trip and Vacation, about... Better to go inside and read some short description and watch some video all about all...

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'Baltic Regatta' (My Book)

The fate of the book's hero, from the hands of the Hero of Soviet Baltic Fleet of a distant Second World War, gives a chance to live a new, long life. But it is necessary to save the civilisation of people. In the team of People and Animals, this may be possible.

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About This Site

What I Show you On This Site? This site I have prepared for you. I will tell you a little about myself, I will show here all the most interesting from my other sites. I will introduce you to my friends and what I do today. I will try to publish here all that will help you in certain cases of your life. I will show you what I love and what I don’t likeю I will try to offer you many free tips on many aspects of life, from helping to build or renovate your home to useful tips on your vacation. I will introduce you to some unusual and very simple works that will give you extra income anywhere on our planet. I will show you how and where you can invest your money with an amazing profit. Unfortunately, in order to contain several similar sites that help people, I just have to upload advertising materials and give you some materials if you will donate me some small money for the development of this and other sites. There will be a lot of completely free and very useful information too. Of course, there will be free books, not only mine. Here will be just everything that I like. You will decide whether you are my friend or not. Leave your comments at the very bottom of any page on my Twitter account and on Facebook. In any case - Welcome To My Site.


People's life stories

Ivan Antjufeev

Ivan Antjufeev


100 years ago, my Grandfather fought for the Freedom and Happiness of the Russian People. It was a long time ago and many, perhaps, have forgotten why the Civil War broke out in Russia.

Ben Cropp

Ben Cropp

Journeyman From Australia

Here you can go with him for example to the largest and most accessible fringing coral reef in Australia, Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia, where he encounters the majestic whale shark,

Philip Croizon

Philip Croizon

The Fantastic Life

He started with a swim across the English Channel. It is starting on September 18, 2010. It took 14 hours to cross the English Channel, even at the most difficult moments, Philip was sure that he would swim.



Golden Hands

Admiring the jewellery, we never think about how and who made them. But it is also part of the life of Gold. Therefore, we want to show you how and what to do in Gold.

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